Helping Puerto Rico

As many of you know by now, The SDPA had to make the difficult decision to cancel their 15th Annual Fall Dermatology Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, due to the tragic hurricanes that have devastated the island. With the majority of the island still enduring the lack of electricity, unsafe roads and infrastructure, SDPA and DPAF have decided to unite and contribute to the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

[olimometer id=7]SDPA and DPAF will each be matching all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 for a total combined match of $10,000. Help us reach $10,000 in total contributions from the dermatology community so that the SDPA and DPAF can match your contributions and provide a full $20,000 donation towards relief efforts.

One hundred percent of your contribution and the matching funds will go towards the nonprofit organization Americares. Americares specializes in emergency programs which prepare for and respond to natural disasters. Americares is on the ground in Puerto Rico delivering shipments of medicine and supplies, providing aid, and assessing the needs of health facilities in communities struggling to re-establish basic services. The organization has airlifted more than $3 million worth of medicine and supplies to Puerto Rico and the Dominica including antibiotics, wound-care supplies, intravenous fluids, mental health medications and treatments for chronic disease. Of funds donated to Americares, 97% will be used for relief efforts while only 3% will go to administrative fees and overhead charges.

Join the SDPA and DPAF in giving back to the Puerto Rican community as they continue their path to recovery. All contributions are tax-deductible. We will be taking donations from October 10th until November 12, 2017. Spread the word!

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Opportunities to Volunteer

While the DPAF and SDPA do not endorse any of the below volunteer opportunities or organizations, many members have asked if there are ways that they can contribute in person. Below are some volunteer opportunities that we know of and which individuals can explore. Individuals looking to volunteer with a chosen nonprofit or disaster relief organization should do their due diligence in researching each opportunity and organization prior to commitment.

NVOAD (National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster) is accepting applications for those who want to volunteer in Puerto Rico. They will match you with groups who need you according to your expertise. Many SDPA members might, for example, be useful working in hospitals, clinics, shelters (providing these venues provide umbrella malpractice insurance). Anyone interested can find, complete and submit a volunteer application at

Other organizations that could assist with volunteering opportunities are the American Red Cross and Americares.