2018 Board Nominations


The Dermatology PA Foundation (DPAF) is seeking nominations to the Board of Trustees. Adding fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and expertise to our leadership is critical to the success of the DPAF, and we welcome submissions and self-nominations from anyone interested in volunteering. Below you will find important details about what it means to join DPAF leadership as well as submission instructions. Becoming a member of the DPAF Board of Trustee is a unique and honored position of leadership within the dermatology community and we look forward to welcoming new members to our ranks.

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About The DPAF

The DPAF is the 501c3 philanthropic arm of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (SDPA). The DPAF’s mission is to fund and promote education, research, and philanthropy to advance the field of dermatology. The DPAF strives to inspire hope and achieve progress in the field of dermatology by funding education for dermatology PAs, supporting research, and promoting philanthropy for the dermatology patient in the communities we serve. Some of our ongoing programs include an annual charitable run/walk event in honor of a selected patient oriented nonprofit as well as an Annual Silent Auction in honor of the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation, Camp Wonder. Formed in 2015, the Foundation is in its third year of business and has seen healthy and continued growth – but we need you to keep our progress going! Find out more about the DPAF.

Leadership Term:

The DPAF leadership year runs from July 1st to June 30th. There are four positions open each for a two-year term which will last from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

What Commitment Would You Be Making?

The Board of Trustees is charged with providing oversight of the DPAF’s fiscal health, scholarships and education programs, ongoing projects and the development of new programs and projects. The DPAF carries full Directors & Officer insurance.

The DPAF is still a young organization and one of our main criteria is engaged and enthusiastic Trustees who will be willing to lend their time and expertise to grow the organization. The DPAF has two staff members who provide administrative and strategic support to the efforts of the Board: Our Managing Director, Leah Reily, and our Administrative Assistant Amy Gouley. Headquartered just outside D.C. our staff help the Trustees manage ongoing programs, build new projects, coordinate donors and sponsors, and ensure the day-to-day tasks are organized.

Board members currently meet once monthly by phone typically in the evenings to accommodate clinic and work days of Trustees. Board members collaborate with committees on an as needed basis between meetings each month to assist with completion of activities. You can expect to support at least one program or project at any given time while also supporting efforts to bring on new supporters (both corporate and individual). Board members may also sponsored by the DPAF to travel to two SDPA conferences each year which take place in June and November. At the conferences, Trustees take part in a variety of meetings to help further the mission of the DPAF and support on-the-ground activities such as our Annual Silent Auction. During certain years, there is also an additional Leadership Retreat at varying locations where the board meets to set strategic goals for the Foundation.

Please read the DPAF bylaws for further information. DPAF Bylaws

What Skills & Background Are We looking For?

The DPAF welcome any nomination including those which are not from PAs. We welcome and encourage submissions from industry partners, pharmaceutical company representatives, dermatologists and anyone else interested in volunteering. Our goal is to provide a varied set of DPAF leaders who can each bring something to the table. Our main criteria is that a new Trustee be willing to add in some elbow grease and help the foundation obtain new industry partners and continued funding for projects and programs. We strongly encourage nominations from individuals with a wide range of connections in the dermatology industry or experience with: nonprofit boards, building and structuring education programs, hosting conference and events, and fundraising in general.

Nominations are now closed.

The Nominating Committee will review all submissions and submit their final decision to the SDPA Board for review in mid-April. Once the two Boards have come to a decision an email will be sent to all nominees. If your nomination is not selected, please know we will keep it on hand for future consideration and may contact you to gauge your interest in supporting one the DPAF’s committees or ongoing projects and programs.

Conflict of Interest (COI)?
Depending on the nature of the conflict, having a COI does not necessarily disqualify a candidate from serving on the Board of Trustees. COIs are often acceptable, however will need to be disclosed to the DPAF Board for consideration and discussion with other nomination materials. Please note that DPAF Trustees are expected to submit a Conflict of Interest declaration form each year and notify the Board of any changes.

Please contact our Managing Director, Leah Reily, at dpaf@dermpafoundation.org or the Chair of the Nominations Committee Joleen Volz at jvolz@dermpafoundation.org with any questions you may have.


Thank you to everyone who applied or nominated a candidate! We look forward to welcoming new members to our leadership this coming July.